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Quality Wire


Save time on installation with a wireless home security system. One of the advantages of a wireless home security system for busy homeowners is that they are faster to install, which lessens the amount of time our customers wait to feel protected and secure in their homes.

  • How can a wireless system save you time?
  • No complex hard wiring.
  • No circuit testing required.
  • Install cameras in the future with less hassle
  • Installation time is usually less than a few hours

Wireless systems are ideal for new systems and upgrades.

While installing a hard-wired system in a house during construction is a relatively simple process, it is much more difficult once a home is finished. For this reason, a wireless home security system may be the best choice for upgrading an existing system or installing a completely new one in an existing home.

  • What makes a wireless system a great choice for new systems as well as upgrades?
  • Cameras can be placed easily
  • All components can be moved
  • No nails or drilling
  • No change to the look of your home

Wireless home security systems can be monitored remotely.

Perhaps the strongest advantage of this type of system is that wireless home security systems can be monitored from nearly anywhere. While traditional systems are limited by their wires, wireless systems have a much greater range.

  • Wireless systems allow a parent to see if their child has arrived home safely from school while they are still at work by checking if the doors have been opened from their computer.
  • The cameras in some wireless home security systems can be monitored over a secure internet connection, allowing you to check on your home while across the country or even across the globe.

Vishleshak Security is a young and efficient organization specialized in technology-driven security solutions to ,colleges,librarys,etc..Cctv, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Health Care, Smart Card Technology applications and Training. Application of Smart Card technology to the industries like Education, Health Care and Banking are the in thing for the next decade.

Customer relationship management will be made easier and loyalty of the customers will increase multifold with this emerging technology and ultimately result in retaining the good customers. Vishleshak Security is equipped to undertake business process re-engineering and suggest suitable changes to the organization before actual implementation.

Product range includes Security alarm systems, Fire alarm systems, Metal detectors, Audio Video Door entry systems, Access control systems, Currency management systems, Video surveillance systems, Visitors management solution, Central monitoring stations, Guard monitoring systems, IT infrastructure for enterprises and more are updated every year

In the last 5 years the Company has matured and strengthened and yet it is as young and enthusiastic to explore new domains. Constantly innovating and bringing the latest technology as well as providing the best service to its customer.

Structured Wiring provides the required foundation for complete home and business automation. A quality structured wiring installation ensures optimal performance of audio-video equipment and control devices. Smart structured wiring architecture provides flexibility and compatibility for future improvements and changing needs.

Vishleshak Security provides the area with a wide variety of wiring customized to fit any business or home needs and requirements. Our service includes, but not limited to these type of wiring:

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